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Your Tweets Lower the Price of Retail Items. Brilliant!

Tweets Lower Price

Japansese retailer, UNIQLO, has done it again. This time the digital savants make use of Twitter in a dual effort of both marketing and discounting products. The concept makes tweeting about their products (and indirectly their brand) worthwhile. Here's how it works: if you tweet about their products, the price drops. So, the more you spread the word, the greater the discount.

Wow. Just wow.

Of course, there is a limit on how low a price drops, but hey, power to the consumer. Final prices will be revealed Thursday, September 9th.

See it. Tweet it. Buy it.

Now You Can Teleport Too

Globe Genie

Inspired by Wikipedia's 'random article' function, now you too can teleport randomly about the world using Globe Genie and Google's Street View function.

My first 'shuffle' was a neighborhood in South Africa.

Where did it take you?

Augmented Everything: Envisioning Interactions in the Home of the Future


Augmented Reality

I truly appreciate when other designers and ideators envision the future. 

During an intensive five week project, five student teams conducted an iterative user-centered design process to explore future applications for the projection of interfaces on any surface suitable for display and interaction in the home of the future.

See videos of the presentations and several more photo series via University of Washington

The State of the Internet

Is Flash a Goner?

Is Flash a Goner?

It appears to be one of the hottest questions being asked by clients since the Apple iPhone and iPad hit the market sans the ever-popular application's functionality. In an effort to shine some light on the growing concerns over Flash and its future, I've decided to post some of the responses and solutions I've picked up while looking into the issue.

In June, I was fortunate enough to attend the HOW Design Conference in Denver, CO, and in the event's final multimedia panel, this hot topic of Adobe vs. Apple and the future Flash was a major discussion point. The panel hosted such great minds as Cameron Moll, the legendary author/freelancer and founder of Authentic Jobs, Inc.; Matthew Richmond, executive creative director/partner of The Chopping Block, Inc. in New York City; and Patrick McNeil, owner of web trending entity, Design Meltdown, LLC. The panel brought up some really good points.  

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