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Over the past few months I've pondered the steps leading to my current vocation and position with Cypress Interactive. In hindsight, these 'steps' represent people, situations, and timing to lead me to where I am today. As I look back, I see a faithful God constantly at work to make sure I'm heading in the right direction.

Is Beautiful Enough?

My journey of self discovery and eventual organizational habits started with Field Notes brand notebooks. They were beautiful, pocketable, and promised me a space to collect my life. They did just that, the space was so fluid (blank sheet of paper) that it offered me no guide for how I should be gathering my various responsibilities. The trouble was, even though I was righting everything down, any particular thing that I needed to remember was nigh unreachable. I needed a way to search my notes.

Available Position: Project Manager

Cypress Interactive is located at Synergy Park in Kilgore, Texas and is looking for a Project Manager who excels in a fast paced, multi-tasking position.  Cypress develops creative brands, websites, content management systems & custom applications for customers around the US.  

Cypress Interactive Celebrates What's Right.

Cypress Interactive recently joined forces with the Kilgore Economic Development Corporation and Pak-Sher to bring about a new recycling initiatve called "Celebrate What's Right" which encourages 4th and 5th graders at the Kilgore Intermediate School to recycle. To participate, students will collect clean, empty plastic bags in classroom receptacles in exchange for tickets that will be drawn bi‐weekly for $10 movie cards to 4 Star Cinema in Kilgore.

My daughter, Bailey Lothrop, won the first drawing. Nice.

View the official press release

Cypress Launches EDnames App

Cypress Interactive, in collaboration with EDsuite, is excited to announce the launch of the first and only Economic Development Directory App.

Need to find a site selector, economic developer or industry service provider quickly and easily? Our directory pulls live information from the database, providing the most up-to-date information available.

Download the EDnames App available exclusively at the iTunes Store.

Official annoucement coming soon.

Cypress Interactive Acquires 3 Degree Media


Cypress Interactive, a creative web development firm located at Synergy Park in Kilgore has recently acquired Tyler’s 3 Degree Media, Inc.  The two firms began discussions late last year in what both companies saw to be a mutually beneficial and exciting opportunity.

“We believe it’s time to become more aggressive in our own neck of woods. Cypress has so much to offer and too few in East Texas realize what we’ve got under the hood to help their business expand or become more efficient using the Internet.  The purchase of 3 Degree is a step towards becoming a more dominant technology figure in East Texas,”  - Founder, Bruce Crowe

View the press release

Cypress Expands Offices To Canada

Cypress Canada

In an effort to expand the reach of Cypress Interactive, and respond to a growing economy in Eastern Ontario, Cypress recently opened it's first sales office in Canada.  Bruce, a Canadian himself, was intrigued with the possibilities for expansion after a recent trip back to his home town.  "We've been looking and praying for ways to grow the company.  We have an amazing team in place, the time seemed right to push the envelope and bring our services to a place we have a lot of existing relationships already," says Crowe. 

CJ Thompson has been hired as the Project Manager and will be responsible for marketing and sales initially.  The goal for the Canadian office is to attract new business, new industry and look to expand and hire eventually in Canada as well. 

Cypress has already landed a new project, for a retail site, and interacting with the local government on some future projects.  We look forward to serving our Canadian customers with the latest in interactive web design and technology.

Programmer, Andrew Del Prete, Completes the Half Ironman!


Austin 70.3 Half Ironman

Our own Andrew Del Prete, web ninja and endurance runner, participated in and completed his first Half Ironman in Austin. That's 70.3 miles of hardcore physical exertion for those, like me, who do their heaviest workouts pushing their mouse around their desk.

We can't help but marvel at you Andrew. You rock.  No, seriously, your muscles are like rocks. Granite even. ;)

You can follow his pursuits here.


Email Follow-ups Made Simple


Stumbled upon this nifty little email company doing some cool things with email follow-ups. If you're a project manager or a freelancer, or just a forgetful fella like yours-truly, FollowUpThen may be for you.

Simple. Easy. Free.